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Benefits of Responsive Design for Landing Pages - Infintech Designs Oct 24, 2015

The Benefits of Responsive Design for Landing Pages

Responsive designs offer many benefits for websites, including lower bounce rates and improved cross-device user experiences. However, offering responsive web design on specific landing pages can also have incredible results as well. Here are some of the benefits of responsive landing pages.


While you likely expect that people will arrive at your landing page from a search keyword phrase or via an advertisement, it is important to remember the power of sharing. Social media websites are most often accessed from mobile devices. If your landing page displays well on all screen sizes, then you won’t have to worry about losing visitors that are the result of shares of the page.

Make sure that any share buttons that you include on your landing page are also responsive. They should be prominently displayed as well in order to increase the likelihood that the content is shared.

A/B Testing

Landing pages that are responsive are easier to A/B test because you won’t have to worry about the elements of the page displaying differently based on the device. In fact, the majority of landing page optimization tools are now designed to handle responsive landing pages. This makes testing faster and easier with reliable data that you can count on.

With the ability to update your landing pages quickly, you can also perform tests more often. This will allow you to arrive at the best converting versions of your landing pages faster for maximum results.

Advertising Requirements

Most advertising service providers have specific design requirements for landing pages in order to allow the display of your advertisements. By using responsive design, you are more likely to be in compliance with these rules or make it easier for you to update your site so that it is in compliance.

Responsive Landing Pages Can Mimic App Design

The coolest thing about using responsive landing pages is that you can use them to mimic the designs of mobile apps. By making the pages visually appealing and easy to scroll, mobile users will find your landing pages easier to navigate. You can also control the content by displaying only the features that mobile users need so that they don’t have to waste time with content that isn’t useful while browsing on a mobile device.

Accommodate New Devices

As new devices arrive on the market, you won’t have to worry about making complete overhauls of your landing pages with responsive design. Responsive design relies on the screen size to determine the best layout for a web page. This ensures that your landing pages will look good on newer devices with just a few or no additional tweaks to the design.

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