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Keep Google Happy - Infintech Designs Oct 27, 2015

Redesigning Your Site? Tips to Keep Google Happy

If you are planning on redesigning your site, it is a good idea to keep SEO in mind. Having a site that is Google-friendly can make your SEO efforts easier. In addition, a well-designed site is likely to improve your conversions and sales as customers will find your new site easier to navigate. Here are some tips for redesigning your website if you want to keep Google happy.

Make Sure That Your Site Loads Quickly

Although you might want all of the bells and whistles for your new site, you should keep in mind that sites that load faster receive better rankings in Google. Making sure that your site loads quickly can be done by using image optimization, W3C-compliant code, and CSS. There are other techniques for site speed optimization that a web developer can perform after analyzing your website.

Check Your Link Profile

If there are outdated or spammy links in your link profile, a site redesign is a good time to address this problem. You should take the steps to disavow spammy links by going to the site directly or via Google Search Console. Outdated links should also be checked to ensure that the sites that they are posted on have not become spam sites that could hurt your rankings.

Use Responsive Design

Responsive design is probably the biggest tool that you can use to keep Google happy when you redesign your website. Earlier this year, Google issued its Mobile Update which was designed to raise the rankings of websites that use responsive design over those that do not. Responsive design ensures that your site looks good regardless of the device that a person is using to access it and will also help your SEO results as well. That being said, you don’t need to spend on costly web services to make it happen. Infintech Designs offers¬†affordable website design in New Orleans for a site that will reel in visitors.¬†

Get Rid of the Content That Is Outdated

Outdated content is likely to lead to high bounce rates with most websites. Outdated content can include expired promotions, content that discusses outdated technologies and practices and pages that yield only small numbers of visitors because the content is no longer current. You should eliminate these pages and instead use a 301 redirect to point each outdated page URL to a new page on your website that is relevant.

If the page actually brings in a large amount of traffic to your website despite being outdated, you should consider updating the content instead of removing it from your website. Make sure to keep best on-page SEO practices in mind as you do so.

Keep the Same Keyword Densities for Your Pages

As you update the pages of your website, you will want to make sure that you maintain the same keyword density on each page. By changing your content significantly without paying attention to keyword density, you could be inadvertently over-optimizing your site for specific keyword phrases. Use a keyword tool to check the keyword densities for each page after you have updated the content on your site.

Do you need to redesign your website? Infintech Designs can analyze your current website to help you come up with a design for a new website that will help meet your marketing goals. Request a free site review today!

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