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Additional Link Building Opportunities - Infintech Designs Jun 20, 2014

Additional Link Building Opportunities

Since the heat is rising on whether or not Google truly approves of guest blogging as a legitimate link building tool, it may be time to get a bit more creative in your link building approaches. Google has not official outlawed guest blogging but has already stated that it is aware of the fact that website owners are using guest blogging to essentially buy links.

While this is not necessarily true of all website owners using this strategy, it is true of some. This means that it is likely only a matter of time before Google decides that guest blogging is simply not as relevant of a factor in ranking a website as previously. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you find additional link building opportunities so that you can try some new strategies.

Regardless of the link building strategy that you use, the goal is to get as many people to your site that are targeted to your offer. Some of these strategies you may have used previously and some you may have not.

Forums are an excellent way to bring in traffic because of the fact that forums are typically built around niche ideas. If you can find the forums that are most relevant to your industry and begin to post there, you will find that these sites will begin to send traffic to your website. The reason why forums typically get overlooked as a source of traffic is because of the fact that spammers use them only to drop links. Instead, what you will be doing here is using the site to build relationships with potential customers in your industry. Start posting good quality content and build up authority status on these websites. Your efforts will need to be ongoing for the best benefits but they can help you.

Submission Based Sites
Submission based sites include any type of site that accepts user submissions of content. While we don’t recommend that you submit your content to just any type of site. Make sure that the site is targeted to the audience that you are trying to connect with and also that the content on that site is high quality. While this method won’t necessarily provide you with viral traffic, you will be able to build links that stand the test of time. To date, thousands of website visitors have visited sites that accept user content and will continue to do so.

Press Releases
The value of news releases continues to be worth the effort. If you can find a way to get media attention for your site that will result in unsolicited backlinks from other websites, you can create a steady stream of content to your website that Google will never question. Encourage other websites to write press releases or news articles about your business and include backlinks to your website. You can even get press of this style by posting videos to video sharing sites such as YouTube.

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