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You Should Regularly Check Your Profile - Infintech Designs Aug 16, 2016

SEO Success Tip: Why You Should Regularly Check Your Link Profile

Link building is an essential part of ensuring the success of your website. However, if not monitored bad links can result in your site getting hit with a Google penalty.

While you may think that everything will be okay because you are the only person that is building backlinks for your website, you have to consider the fact that others, such as your competitors, angry ex-employees, and bad customers can attack your site as well.

Here are a few tips to help you ensure your SEO success by regularly checking your link profile.

What Is a Link Profile?

Your link profile in SEO terms refers to the following:

  • The types of inbound links, or links that point back to your site;
  • The anchor texts for each of these links; and
  • The way in which the links were acquired.

Generally, Google recommends that you obtain links in a white-hat manner to ensure that your link building strategy is organic as possible. Google has already made it known that buying paid links, using spamming, or automated SEO tools is not the right way to build links for your site.

As you examine your link profile for your website, you should consider the following points:

1. The inbound links for your site

When it comes to achieving high rankings in the search engines, your links need to come from authoritative and recognized sources. In addition, the links should also be relevant to the content of the pages that they link to on your website.

While you might acquire a lot of links from spammy or low-quality directories, you should not see this as a good thing and you should work to disavow or remove those links as they appear.

2. The anchor text of the inbound links

Having a large number of links that are filled with the keywords that you want to target is a Google indication to Google that your links have been unnaturally built. As a result, you want to ensure that the anchor text is as diverse as possible when pages link to your website.

3. How these links were obtained

The key to building up a link profile for your site that will pass rigorous checks for unnatural link building is to make sure that you approach link building as a slow and steady approach, not as a race.

Therefore, you shouldn’t create hundreds or thousands of links in a short period of time if you want to avoid a Google penalty. If you are not sure what is the best way to build up your link profile, it is a good idea to hire an SEO who will use white-hat techniques to rank your website.

If you need help with growing your link profile or removing a Google penalty, Brian Hong of Infintech Designs – SEO firm in New Orleans is here to help. Request your free SEO audit and site review today!

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