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Authoritative Links Matter for SEO - Infintech Designs Feb 09, 2016

Why Authoritative Links Matter for SEO

You may have heard that building authoritative links is helpful for SEO. However, do you know exactly why? Understanding the reasons why there is so much focus on link building is important to ensure that you do it right the first time. Here are the reasons why authoritative links matter for SEO.

What Makes for Spammy Links?

The debate over spammy links often changes as Google updates its search algorithm. However, the quality of a link is generally determined by the relevancy of the link to your website. If you want your links to seem natural instead of spammy, these links should generally point to other related sites in your industry.

As far as spammy links, these links generally point to unrelated sites that are known to allow link spamming and other techniques to attempt to game the search engines. You should check your link profile with Google Console and disavow any links that come from irrelevant and spam websites to boost your search rankings.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is important for boosting your search results. For the best rankings, your site should have backlinks from high authority sites in your niche. These high authority sites can include news sites, other blogs, academic sites and other domains that naturally receive high rankings in Google thanks to the age of the domain as well as their own backlinks.

Everything you do when it comes to creating external links for your website should be focused on improving your search engine rankings says However, you should not consider SEO as the only purpose of creating quality links. Think about the other steps that are needed to help your site to truly become an authority in your industry. You should also use links to help your site gain recognition as one of the top sites in your industry.

Building Brand Recognition

Authoritative links also show Google that people are talking about your brand. Google will reward you for helping to develop buzz about your company with higher rankings. As you ensure that regular content is being published about your business, you can help to develop a strong link profile that both the search engines and humans will appreciate.

As you plan out your SEO strategy, you must make sure that the links that you are building appear natural to Google and that they are also to high authority sites. A poor linking strategy is one of the main reasons why sites receive Google Penalties. To avoid these issues, you want to make sure that you build links that will hold up over time.

If you need to improve your link building efforts, Infintech Designs can help. We offer reliable SEO services in New Orleans and expert content marketing services to help you build quality links for your business website. Contact us today to request a free quote and audit of your current SEO strategy.

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