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Local Marketing Trends - Infintech Designs Feb 06, 2016

Local Marketing Trends for 2016

As mobile device usage increases, local marketing is becoming more important to companies that do business with local customers. As 2016 begins, there are some clear trends that are emerging in this space that brands should be ready to adopt. Here are some of the top local marketing trends for 2016 from Infintech Designs.

Google Will Put More Emphasis on Local Search

Recently, Google updated its Search Quality Ratings Guidelines with information on local search. The company has also added a Google My Business API which points to the fact that local search is becoming more important to Google. If you haven’t already claimed your business listing on Google, now is the time to do so if you want to get started with benefiting from local search optimization.

Mobile Wallets Will Increase In Popularity

As businesses expand payment options, mobile wallets are likely to receive more attention in 2016. Customers are looking for convenience and when it comes to local shopping options, appealing to customers that use mobile devices is key.

Changes have already happened in this space as more people have adopted services, such as Apple Pay. In addition, roughly 80 percent of location-based searches occur on mobile devices, which means that customers are looking to find solutions and make purchases of goods and services that are near their current locations.

Expect More Players in Local Marketing

Although Google will likely continue to dominate local marketing, in 2016 other companies will also be on the rise. Both Facebook and Apple are increasingly getting involved in local search. Both companies already have access to a wealth of location-based data about their users. You can expect that both companies will use this information to create products and services that local marketers can use to engage with consumers on the go.

Pay Attention to Your Reviews

In the upcoming months, marketers can also expect that there will be a shift away from online testimonials to online reviews for your site. These reviews are important because they will appear alongside local business information in Google. If you want to boost the reputation of your business, you should implement a strategy to start building trusted reviews from local customers.

Build for Mobile

Mobile has already eclipsed desktop in the number of searches that are done each on mobile devices. Instead of putting your efforts into building a desktop website, if you have local customers, you should focus on building a site that is ideal for a mobile screen. A professional web design service can help you to make these adjustments so that yours still loads quickly and functions properly on any device.

If you don’t have a dedicated local marketing strategy, now is the time to get started. Contact Infintech Designs today to learn about our local search engine optimization packages that can help boost the presence of business in location-based searches. Request a free quote and audit of your current online marketing strategy now.

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