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Local Business Listing Was Suspended By Google - Infintech Designs Aug 13, 2016

Why Your Local Business Listing Was Suspended By Google

Has your local business listing been suspended at Google My Business? If you are wondering what happened, there are many reasons why a Google business listing could be suspended. Here is what you should know to help you avoid a suspension and help you get things back on track if your listing has already been suspended?

Types of Google My Business Suspensions

Before you try to determine exactly what caused the suspension, you should be aware that Google typically won’t tell you why your account was suspended. This is because they don’t want to tell the rule breakers what to avoid, which will only help them to get better at breaking the rules.

You should also be aware of the fact that there are two types of suspension. In the first type, you may not be able to manage your listing upon logging into Google My Business. However, the listing will continue to appear in Google.

In the second type of suspension, the listing will have become unavailable because you breached the Google guidelines. You will have permanently lost your ability to manage the listing and the listing will be removed from Google, along with all of the reviews and photos.

Top Reasons for Google My Business Suspensions

Here are the main reasons why you might receive a suspension from Google:

1. Your website URL forwards to a different URL

Google has specified that phone numbers and URLs that redirect or refer users to landing pages should never be used.

2. You added additional keywords to your business name

You should never add additional information to the name of your company in order to attempt to advertise your business or improve your search rankings.

3. You have multiple listings for the same business

Google is very clear about the fact that they only want one listing per business. As a result, Google may suspend all of the listings, including your main listing and any duplicate listings if you create multiple listings for the same business.

4. Your business type is not permitted on Google Plus

If your business is one that falls into Google’s list of regulated goods, or is an age-restricted business, the business listing may be suspended because it is not allowed on Google Plus.

5. You created a listing that has a virtual office or mailbox address for your business

If your business is listing uses a virtual office or mailbox address, Google may suspend your listing. Many businesses try to use virtual offices or mailbox addresses in an attempt to rank in multiple locations. However, these listings will be removed once Google find them.

6. Your business is an online business only

If your business is only online, then it is not eligible to appear in Google listings. As a result, you can expect that your listing will be suspended once Google finds out that your business doesn’t have a physical storefront.

These are just a few reasons why a Google My Business listing might be suspended. If you need help with restoring your local business listing in Google or want help with your local SEO strategy, Brian Hong of Infintech Designs is available to help. Call us today at (504) 717-4837!

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