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Boosting Your Lead Conversions - Infintech Designs Dec 01, 2015

5 Tips to Boost Your Lead Conversions

For many businesses, the sole purpose of having a website is to generate leads. Lead quality is extremely important for businesses in determining which leads will eventually turn to sales. As a result, you will need to employ targeted methods of generating leads from your website that are guaranteed to be high-quality leads. Here are five tips to boost your lead conversions from your website.

Identify Your Audiences

As a business, you likely have many different types of people that use your products and services. In order to improve the lead conversion rate for your website, you will need to identify these audiences so that you can create content on your site and sales funnels that are specifically tailored to each audience. Do some research in order to learn about the preferences of your various audiences for better conversion rates. Here are a few examples of things to research:

  • location
  • age
  • device
  • buying history
  • income
  • lifestyle

With more data, you will be able to effectively reach these individuals and avoid creating content for your site that does not match the preferences of those individuals that have actually converted to become your customers.

Update Your Call-to-Action

If you want better leads, you will need to make more of an effort to convert those individuals into leads. As a result, you should consider updating your call-to-action for each page of your website. This may mean adding popovers, signup boxes, and other prominent contact information displays so that visitors know exactly how to take action on your offer. Don’t leave it up to your site visitors to simply figure it out and pick up the phone.


Recent studies have indicated that the number of tries that it takes to successfully convert a lead is continuing to increase. While you may think that every customer should take advantage of your great offer immediately, the truth is that customers can become distracted or may require more education before making a decision about your offer. Therefore, following up is an important step for converting potential leads for your website. Make sure that you have a strategy in place to follow up at regular intervals.


Testing the content and design of your website to see which versions perform best is a great way to ensure that you are always using the high converting version of your website. Just changing around a few elements on your site can make a major difference in the number of leads that convert from your website and your subsequent follow-ups.

Make It Easier to Buy

As a part of the testing for your website, you should also simplify the process of buying from your business to make it easy as possible to buy from your business. On many sites, shopping carts have high abandonment rates. In addition, if you are making the process too complicated or you don’t have easy to use payment methods available, you may find that your conversion rate is lower than it should be. Make sure that the purchase process isn’t what is really preventing leads from converting.

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