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Launching Your First Webinar - Infintech Designs Aug 23, 2016

5 Tips for Launching Your First Webinar

If you want a great way to connect with customers in order to educate them about your industry, products, and services, webinars offer an excellent opportunity to do so. Not only do you get the benefit of directly interacting with potential customers, you are are also able to obtain feedback from them by conducting a survey at the conclusion of the webinar.

If you are ready to launch your first webinar, here are five tips to ensure that it will be successful.

1.Plan Your Webinar

According to research from Adobe Connect, webinars are ranked as the third-most effective content marketing tactic. If you want your webinar to be successful, you need to plan an organize it just as you would do for any other content marketing tactic.

You should make sure that you decide in advance who the speakers will be, the date the webinar will take place, how you will promote it and the topics that you cover. Using a project management tool is a great way to keep on top of all of the details that are required before your webinar goes live.

2.Cover Trending Topics

There is no point in hosting a webinar if you are only going to cover the content that your audience is already familiar with. In order to create a webinar that is guaranteed to attract interest, you should focus on covering trending topics. Find ideas for your webinar by looking at your website’s recent keyword searches, industry blogs, and other news sources.

3.Invite Guest Speakers

If you don’t hire guest speakers to include in your webinar, people will simply assume that the webinar is nothing more than a sales presentation for your company. As a result, they are unlikely to attend. If you want to attract attention, you should try to invite well-known industry experts who have the knowledge that you are looking for but also have the charisma that is needed to engage your audience.

4.Don’t Forget About Promotion

If it is your first webinar, you will need to set aside a significant portion of your webinar budget for promotion. Promotion for your webinar may include print materials, paid online advertisements, native advertisements, guest blog posts, and more.

Don’t forget to broadcast your upcoming webinar to your social media profiles. You may also want to create dedicated hashtags, email addresses, or other customer support outlets to help webinar participants prepare for the upcoming webinar.

5.Choose the Right Webinar Platform

The most important point to ensure that your first webinar is success is choosing the right webinar platform to host your event. Not only should the webinar platform be easy to use for webinar attendees, it should also ensure smooth video and audio, so that users won’t have a hard time accessing the content.

For a robust platform, opt for a webinar platform that includes built-in analytics features and archiving tools so that you can replay the webinar later for users that missed the original broadcast while also tracking the results of your efforts.

If you need help with video marketing for your upcoming webinar, Infintech Designs can help. Drop by our chat to discuss your New Orleans video marketing requirements or call (504) 717-4837.

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