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Easy to Fix Social Media Marketing Mistakes - Infintech Designs Mar 24, 2014

8 Easy to Fix Social Media Marketing Mistakes

If you are currently involved in a social media campaign, you should be aware of potential mistakes that you are making that could be costing your business website thousands each month in terms of sales and traffic.

So exactly what are these mistakes and what can you do to fix them if you have already goofed up? Here is your guide to social media errors and what you can do to avoid them.

Uploading Social Media Updates With Spelling Errors
This is a mistake that is very easy to fix with simple proofreading. In addition, if your social media content is riddled with errors, it is more likely that you will have grammar police followers committing on your spelling rather than your message. Proofread your updates carefully!

Not Using Proper Syntax
Leaving off items such as ‘@’ or ‘#’ from a social media post update shows ineptitude and will make your accounts less likely to grow followers. Items such as these are essential to the comprehension of the flow of information on social media and therefore are simply not optional. Omit these items and you can be assured that your message will be virtually invisible to a keyword search.

Not Posting At the Best Times
The best times for posting are not always easy to determine. Analytics programs can help you figure this out over time, however if you have just begun posting on a social media site. A good place to start is to look at the geographical demographics of your social media account followers and tailor your updates so that they come in during waking hours that are appropriate to their time zones. You are likely to see much more engagement if your followers are actually awake.

Ignoring Quality for Quantity
While regular posting is important, ignoring quality for the quantity of posts to a social media site is always a mistake. You have to keep in mind that your most loyal of followers will likely have a look at your every update so it is very important that you post content as regularly as possible. If you post more content, you can guarantee that your followers will be much more willing to share your profile with others if the content that they get is high quality on a daily basis.

Not Responding to Users
Social media websites have evolved into a second platform for customer service for many businesses. Ignoring customers’ questions on social media sites is not going to go unnoticed by your customers. You should make sure that you at least respond to every support request with at least a phone number to call if the matter should be handed outside of the social media site for confidentiality reasons.

Not Posting Enough
This is usually the result of a business that does not allot the proper resources to its social media campaign. By allotting more time to the campaign, the social media campaign will become more successful more rapidly. Businesses must make an effort to post content daily to the various social media websites.

No one cares what you had for dinner last night if your business is a home improvement store. Keep your social media updates relevant and don’t get lost in irrelevant details that are not key to your message.

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