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How to Identify Content Topics for your Target Audience - Infintech Designs Mar 27, 2014

How to Identify Content Topics That Are Relevant to Your Target Audience

If you are currently engaged in a content marketing campaign you may be wondering exactly how to guess what messages your target audience would be interested in hearing. Well with the numerous analytics and data gathering tools available today, it is very simple to pick out the best topics for your blog or website.

Keyword Search Data
Start by reviewing the list of keywords that visitors used to reach your website according to Google Webmaster Tools. Piwik or which ever analytics software you utilize to track your blog. If you are not currently monitoring your search engine visitor data, you must start immediately. Otherwise you will be losing out on valuable intelligence regarding your website over time.

Review the Most Popular Pages on Your Site
When you review the analytics data for your website, check out which pages were considered the most popular among your visitors. The popularity of certain pages should give you a clear indication as to what your site’s visitors want to either learn more about or what interests them the most. This could also give you an indication as to what you should fill visitors in on if it seems that they are looking for an answer to a question that they can not find.

Check Out What Your Competitors Are Doing
Looking at what your competitors are doing could be an easy way to gauge what subject areas are important to customers in your industry. The competitors will be reviewing their own data in order to determine what is important so it is very helpful to take advantage of their hard work by viewing their websites. If you decide to go a similar route as your competitor with regard to covering similar topics, make sure that you put a unique twist on the content topics such that they reflect your company specifically.

Look to Social Media
Social media trending topics in your industry can give you some easy ideas for topics for your content that are sure to make your posts clickbait. Readers want content that is both informative and timely so you should always make sure to stay on top of the latest updates in your industry so that you can provide your readers with content that applies to them right now.

Review Your Competitors’ Social Media Campaigns
By reviewing the social media campaigns of your competitors, you will have an idea of where customers need better information to help them make purchase decisions. You can do this by closing the gap on where your competitors’ social media campaigns are not providing everything that the customer needs. Then you can either come up with content to place on your website or work as the competition directly on the social media sites with your content.

Ask Questions to Your Customers
Customer feedback can be an excellent source of content ideas for your content marketing campaign. The questions that customers ask tend to be issues that were not quite answered in marketing materials. Therefore the best way to do use this information is to use it for content creation purposes. You can then formulate the answers to the questions that customers asked and work them into social media updates or content for your website or blog.

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