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Maximizing Your Email Marketing Efforts - Infintech Designs Mar 31, 2014

Maximizing Your Email Marketing Efforts With Your Mobile Audience

Email marketing has becoming increasingly complex and is even more so now that mobile devices are beginning to make up a much larger percentage of incoming traffic to most websites? Since mobile browsers often have very different requirements for providing an optimum user experience, it is important that you learn a few tricks to setting up email marketing to be compatible with mobile devices and users. Here are some simple tips to help you improve your email marketing campaigns.

Go for Text Only Emails
Text only has never failed as a method for delivering content to mobile devices. While text emails are not as glamorous as HTML messages, your list subscribers will still engage with your email if it is providing them with the content that they are looking for. Therefore you can select this option if it appropriate for your audience. If your business’s customer audience is more visible, a simply designed email template that is responsively designed would likely be your best option for delivering your message.

Fix the ‘From’ Line
Since mobile users that browse email want their messages displayed as simply as possible, it will be very disadvantageous if you do not pay attention to the ‘From’ line of your emails. If it says something generic like ‘Mail’ then your readers will be less likely to open your emails because they do not know who it is from until they open the message. These days most messages are considered spam unless the email reader can instantly determine who the message is from or conclude that the message may contain some information that interests them if the sender is unfamiliar.

Track the Clicks
Testing and retesting is so important when it comes to email marketing. With regard to mobile users, a small change in the design of an email template could make a huge difference to a person attempting to read an email via a mobile device. Do not underestimate the power of design here.

In addition, you can also find out what is most important to your mobile users by looking at what they click on when they read your emails. If you know what they are clicking on, then it will be very easy for you to figure out what type of content to publish. You may also find out some surprising differences between the users that visit your site via desktop and the users that visit via mobile devices. This can allow you to segment your email marketing campaign.

Don’t Forget About Subject Lines
Subject lines are an essential part of email marketing and can make all of the difference as to whether or not an email was opened regardless of the device. If you want to guarantee that mobile users open more of your emails, make sure that your subject lines are to the post and grab attention. While gimmicks such as misleading headlines or spam trigger words will leave your emails in the spam folder, you can still get creative and think of subject lines that will attract people to open your emails.

You can even do split testing with regard to the subject lines. Different subject lines can have high variability in whether or not they convert. One subject line may convert at a single digit conversion rate while another variation could convert at over four times that rate.

Do you need assistance with developing your email marketing campaign so that it better caters to your mobile device visitors? Let Infintech Designs assist you with setting up or modifying so that it works better for your business.

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