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Blogging as a Branding Platform for Business Feb 16, 2017

Blogging as a Branding Platform; For Yourself and Your Business

There are so many businesses in the web space and it gets harder every day to stand out as a unique brand. Your potential customers are being wooed by your competitors, it’s no longer effective to throw out the same sell tactics at them.

Now consumers are more “ad aware” than they were a decade ago; even some brands are bringing back native advertising. Instead of recycling previous advertising tactics, how about we start engaging our audience for real?

It’s like that Spice Girls’ song; “If you wanna be my lover, first be my friend”. If you want to be the consumer’s choice, first become their friend. One effective way to do this is by blogging.

The Origin of Blogging

Blogging, which originally began in the late ’90s, was known as web-logging at the time. It was a way people logged their experiences on the web- like an online journal. Although it wasn’t mainstream back then (because only the tech-savvy could upload files), the practice caught on in the early to mid-2000s.

At first, it was only common among individuals. It wasn’t until marketers realized its useful potential as a consumer communication tool that businesses began to use it.

How Blogging is a Branding Platform

In the early years of blogging, it grew to be successful because bloggers were sharing their experiences and telling the audience about themselves. People are likely to trust you more when you open up to them.

“In this era of ‘big brands’ where the average consumer sees brands as a huge faceless corporation that just wants their money, blogging presents an opportunity to unveil that mystery. Through blogging, you can strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones with potential customers.” – Brendan from –   

You can also tell your customers who you are, what you do and how you are changing the world positively through your activities. This personal relationship can endear them towards your brand and its products. It may take some time and lots of consistent blogging but when you eventually establish that connection, you’ll hit marketing gold. 

With blogging, your business can save money on marketing campaigns that may or may not achieve the results you seek. Infintech Designs is one of the SEO companies that have followed suit when it comes to bringing business through blogging. It’s a new way to put your services or products out there. 

What Can You Achieve with a Blog?

1. Thought leadership

You can establish authority as a leader in your niche by writing high-quality content your blog visitors and customers will find useful. As more people find value in your blog, they will share it among their peers.

2. Credibility

Build credibility about your brand by using the blog as a platform to be genuine about your business’ values and offering.

3. Client + Community building

Your blog can be a place to establish a sense of community, build relationships and share ideas which can impact your brand positively.

4. Product and service promotion

When you have a loyal blog community, you can introduce new products or your services and have them do your promotions for you. They can also become price insensitive.

Blogging is a great way to brand your business into a likable entity. The sooner you start doing it right, the less you can spend on your ad campaigns. 

When it comes to New Orleans content marketing solutions, Infintech Designs has got these bases covered. Our team of content writers understands the value of a blog and how it will help you increase more engagement to your audience. 

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