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A hand holding a phone saying Google Feb 09, 2017

Why your SEO Efforts Should Extend to Mobile Devices

Every marketer who is worthy will probably claim that they know all they need to know about their organization’s SEO practices. But can anyone know this?

As far as internet search is concerned, there are thousands of ‘hack’ posts on how to improve your website’s search visibility. However, a majority of those resources seem to be focused on regular desktop search.

Following the increasing number of mobile devices purchased globally, people now use mobile for every research activity on the internet- from purchase to information-seeking and social behaviors. In fact, at 48%, mobile has since exceeded computer for internet search amongst users.

In an announcement a few years ago, Google reported that it would be introducing an algorithm specifically for mobile search. This changed the whole mobile-search game for brands and businesses alike. So, if your SEO is singularly focused on desktops only, you could be losing a significant chunk of potential customers.

This is so because you want sales-ready buyers to type a related service into their mobile phones and find your business immediately. For example, Umbrellar have a quick name availability search on both mobile and desktop.

Some companies pay Google for mobile search visibility, this is not SEO, but paid search. While some people say mobile SEO may not be necessary if you have a budget for mobile advertising, we believe mobile marketing is highly-efficient to leverage both formats.

Here are some effective ways to improve your mobile SEO performance from Infintech Designs:

Focus on core ranking

Mobile SEO and conventional SEO practices have always had a common core ranking. In order to benefit from Google’s mobile search algorithm, first understand the relevance, usefulness, and authority that characterizes core ranking. If you don’t, you may be losing customers to more search-savvy competitors- Google search-bots favour websites that have mobile-friendly content.

If your website isn’t indexed, you can’t improve your organic search traffic, no matter the effort you put into mobile keyword research and content creation activity. This is why it is most important to get your mobile SEO right in the first place.

Correct mobile friendly issues

There are various mobile-friendly configurations, from responsive design to dynamic serving and separate URL. However, studies have revealed that there is no major difference in ranking between websites that operate a responsive design and those with a different mobile configuration. Irrespective of the configuration your website uses, there will be mobile-friendly errors in Search Console.

Work on correcting these errors because it is necessary. Some companies have experienced a marked improvement in the quality of their organic search visibility by simply tweaking the errors in their Search Console.

Research keywords and create content specifically for mobile

Major search engines, especially Google, place a lot of emphasis on mobile-specific content or keywords. However, it is still necessary to note search queries that are more common on mobile devices. Then, work towards optimizing the keywords and the intention of the user. Google is working to increase the amount of search mobile traffic, so it helps to enhance your content for mobile users.

Are you a local business owner? Consider potential customers searching for what Google calls “Visit-In-Person Queries.” It is one of the core types of search in which the user plans to physically visit the store location. Interestingly, this type of query influences search ranking, so it is critical to implement them into your SEO activities.


Conventional SEO plays an important role in organic search ranking, but your business will be better off if it incorporates mobile SEO into its tactics. With the number of potential customers wielding smartphones in the street, it is hard to ignore the rewarding opportunities.

Do you want more traffic to your site? Do it.

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