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Is Link Building Dead - Infintech Designs Jun 27, 2014

Building Links Is Okay

The events of the past year have probably made at seem as though link building is dead. But the truth is that link building is more relevant than ever, if it is done the right way. Here are a few tips to remind you that you should be continuing to actively build links and that you should never shy away from using this practice.

Google Hates Spam Not Legitimate Links
Google’s recent updates have had some marketers worried that they can no longer build links at all. However, this is not the truth at all. What Google actually came out against is spam. Google has always been in support of link building as long as it is done as naturally as possible. This means that you do not buy links, use guest posting excessively or use automated tools to build links. Instead, you should be working on building relationships with other site owners in order to get legitimate backlinks. In addition, you can also create excellent content that is highly likely to be shared resulting in more links for your site.

Link Building Is Merely Promotion
Many people forget that through the simple act of promoting your site online, you will build links. If you start focusing on promoting your site, then you will be able to stop worrying about whether the links you create are going to make Google happy or not. Instead focus on working with high quality sites that will be a boon for promoting your business and ignore those sites that are not going to provide good publicity for your website. You will find by doing this, that this link building strategy that you have executed inadvertently consists exactly of the type of links that Google wants you to create.

Links Are Only One Metric for Ranking a Site
In the process of worrying about link building and whether it is okay, many people tend to forget that the backlink profile of a website is only a small portion of the metrics that are responsible for a site’s ranking in the search engine. Google alone has more than 200 factors that are considered in ranking a website.

Instead of simply worrying about links, you should instead make sure that your SEO strategy and on-page SEO techniques are up to date with the latest recommendations. You should also make sure that you are keeping on top of your social media profiles as social media metrics are increasingly being considered as a part of a site’s rankings.

The bottom line is that internet marketing is continuously evolving and it simply does not make sense to become fixated on something that is only a small part of what it takes to have a successful online marketing campaign.

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