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Personalizing Your Email Marketing - Infintech Designs Jun 30, 2014

Email Marketing Metrics to Track

Previously, we covered the important social media metrics to track. Now, it is important for us to review the important email marketing metrics. Email marketing campaigns can be slightly difficult to track with 100% accuracy, however this does not mean that you shouldn’t give it a shot. Here are some important email marketing metrics that you should track in order to create a cost-effective e-mail marketing campaign.

Track Your Clickthrough Rate
Tracking your clickthrough rate is essential if you want to know how well your content is converting. By tracking this metric, you can easily discover what content is engaging to your target audience and what is not. If you do find that some emails in the marketing campaign have low clickthrough rates, try split testing the subject line or some of the content in the email before deciding to start over. You may find that a simple tweak can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Track Your Open Rate
The open rate indicates whether or not the subject lines for your email marketing campaign work. However, the issue with relying too heavily on the data generated by this metric is that the data is generated by the insertion of an impression pixel in the emails. Therefore, if the subscriber does not actually download the pixel in order to view the email, the numbers for this metric will be off. However, this is a good metric to look at if you are looking for general information to see if users are interacting with the content that you are creating at all.

Track Your Unsubscribe Rate
Tracking your unsubscribe rate is essential to making sure that your email subscribers are actually interested in the content that you are providing. By tracking this metric, you will be able to determine if you are mailing to your list too often which can be a cause of the unsubscribes. In addition, you may also find that subscribes have aversion to specific emails in your email marketing sequence. This is an indicator that either those specific emails should be eliminated from the campaign altogether or you should figure out if you can revamp the content so that it no longer turns off your email subscribers.

Tracking the Bounce Rate
Tracking the bounce rate is a great way to eliminate invalid subscribers from your list. Emails often bounce when the subscriber has abandoned his or her email address. These invalid subscribers will never become customers so it is to your advantage to make sure that they are removed from your list as soon as possible. By getting rid of the email addresses that are simply useless, you will save on email marketing costs and you will have more accurate data that is coming only from actual subscribers instead of bounced email addresses.

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