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Harmful Changes in SEO - Infintech Designs May 26, 2015

Changes That Could Harm Your SEO Efforts

If you are trying to keep up with all of the SEO changes that affect your 2015 SEO strategy, then it is important that you learn where you should make changes and where your strategy should remain the same. Here are some examples of changes that could harm your SEO efforts.

Not Publishing Fresh Content

If you have been keeping up with your blog by updating it with fresh content but you have recently stopped making updates, you can damage your site’s rankings. One of the major factors that Google uses in order to rank websites is content freshness. Making sure that you publish new content to your site on a daily or weekly basis can ensure that your site remains on top.

Failing to update your site with fresh content also means that your site will not get as much traffic as it previously did. Users come to your website in order to find out about the latest developments in your industry and to learn about your products and services. If you are not advising them, they will simply go elsewhere for the same information. They are not going to stick around until you decide to update your site again if you are going long stretches of time without updates.

Not Including Links With Social Media Content

No longer is it enough to make sure that your social media content gets posted, it is also essential that you incorporate links with your content. If you are sending out social media updates that don’t have links you could be harming your SEO efforts. The main issue is that you won’t have a method of tracking the effectiveness of the social media content that does not have links.

Including links in your social media content is also an important way of creating backlinks to your website, especially when the social media content is shared. Linkbuilding is still a very important strategy when it comes to ranking your website. Don’t forget about your linkbuilding strategy if you don’t want to see a drop in your rankings.

Not Securing Your Site

If you manage a website that stores sensitive customer data, it is essential that you ensure that all of the pages of your website are updated to include HTTPS protocol. Security protocols have become especially important because of recent breaches with large companies. Therefore, security is now more important then ever if you don’t want to see your search engine rankings drop.

Not Focusing on User Experience

Google has made it clear that user experience is more important than ever when it comes to site rankings. User experience is important as customers use mobile devices more frequently to access web content. If you are not considering an upgrade to a site that is focused on driving traffic from mobile users, then you could likely see your rankings drop for your website.

If you are considering updating your website’s SEO strategy, Infintech Designs can help. Request a free SEO review for your website or request a free quote for services today!

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