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Connecting With Customers - Infintech Designs Mar 14, 2015

Connecting With Customers With Local Search Marketing

If your company offers services on a national level, getting started with local search marketing could help to bring in more targeted prospects at a lower cost. Here are a few tips for connecting with customers by using local search marketing.


A recent study published by Google reported that 72% of people that look for information regarding local businesses on a smartphone are likely to go to a location within five miles (source: For companies that are trying to decide if local search marketing is effective, this data point should provide more than enough evidence.


Identify Your Target Audience


One of the first steps to beginning a local search campaign is to determine if the mobile audience in a local search market is sufficient for targeting. You can determine this by looking up statistics on local keywords for your industry. Once you have determined the markets that have a sufficient audience for a search campaign, the next step should be to figure out what tasks need to be performed in order to target these individuals.


Define Your Strategy


Local search marketing can involve both SEO and paid search campaigns. By working with an internet marketing professional, you can determine which types of optimization will work best for your business. Your strategy may also require landing pages to be built or pages of your website to be optimized for local search keywords.


In addition, the strategy will also help you to create benchmarks for success. Benchmarks are important for helping your campaign to stay on budget. They can also help you to decide when to dump a particular method if it doesn’t appear to be working.


Use Paid Advertising


Paid advertising can be a very effective strategy of local search marketing. These days, even social paid advertising platforms offer the ability to target your ads to specific locations. By using paid advertising, you can connect directly with potential customers immediately. While paid advertising may cost more initially, it can be an effective ongoing strategy once all of the testing has been done.


Make Sure to Update Third-Party Sites


Companies that want to use local search should also make sure that they stay on top of third-party directories. Directories for local services can bring in new leads. In addition, many of these sites also rank quite highly in the search engines. For companies that want to get the most from local search marketing, making sure that your company’s contact information and other details is extremely important. Companies may also want to consider paid advertising on these platforms if they have been proven effective for driving organic traffic to the business’s website.


If you need assistance with developing a local search campaign for your business, Infintech Designs can help. Click here to request a quote for services today!

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