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Pinterest Is Picking Up Momentum In Small Business Online Marketing - Infintech Designs Jan 12, 2013

Five Reasons Pinterest is Picking up Momentum in Small Business Online Marketing

Pinterest recently announced their launch of business accounts which was welcome news to many online marketers. Now, businesses have been granted extra potential to grow their presence on this popular channel. If your small business has already started to gather followers on business, never fear, you have the potential to change your account from a personal one (as businesses had to set their accounts up as in the past) to a business account with the click of a button. If you have not claimed your Pinterest business account yet, now is the time.

Pinterest has gone far beyond the initial startup phase of appealing only to women, crafters, and those getting married. Now, Pinterest is being used by people to find business related articles, home design projects, travel destinations, and much more. The demographic on Pinterest has expanded drastically and continues to grow, making this the prime time for companies to get on board with this new style of social media network.

Here are a few reasons why your business should reserve a business account on Pinterest.

Direct Customers to Buy When They are Most Ready
When a customer sees something they love on Pinterest they will either repin the image or go straight to the website that provided the picture. When the customer goes straight to your website because they see something they love, they are in a position where they may be more ready to make a purchase. Pinterest allows you to capitalize on this timing.

Spark Interest Among Others in a Network of Interested Buyers
When customers find something they love, they pin it to a board. These pins are shared with everyone following their boards. By having customers pin images of your product, your small business gets exposure beyond just your followers, and instead is shown to like-minded consumers that may also be in the market for what you sell – creating an easy way to go viral.

Create a Presence among Customers Searching for Your Product
Many customers searching for something specific have started to turn to Pinterest to find the exact products they are looking for. When you use keywords in your descriptions of the images you are pinning, you have the ability to get found by the people who want to buy what you are selling.

Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader
People like to buy from the companies that are leaders in their field. They appreciate a business that knows what their needs are, inside and out, and specifically how to meet these needs head on not – only with certain goods or services, but with more. When you pin images to Pinterest giving project ideas or more information on a specific topic, you demonstrate your expertise outside of just your offering, but also with your markets needs as a whole.

Show Customers Why They Should Use Your Product
The power of visuals is strong. Customers like to see a product in action. This shows them how, specifically, they can plan to use the product or service you provide and how it will benefit them directly. Through images, your customers get a clearer idea of what it is you offer and why they should care. When they can actually see your product in use, it becomes easier to sell which can ultimately help your small business grow.

As a small business owner, there is a lot of potential to get your product seen while establishing your brand on this exciting new social network. Contact usfor more information on how we can help you create a stronger presence online and capitalize on the momentum this social network has seen.

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