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Color Can Impact Your Sales Online - Infintech Designs Jan 06, 2013

How Color Can Impact Your Sales Online

How do you persuade the visitors to your shop and website to make a purchase? Do you have bright blinking lights around your best merchandise and sales, guiding your customers to a specific area of your store? Or do you send your website visitors to a single landing page that only allows them to do one thing: make a purchase? Regardless of how you drive sales, one thing that is certain is you are using some sort of color (or lack of color) to do so.

The colors you choose to use will have an impact on how well you drive sales. One study showed that visual appearance of a store or website was 93% more important than the sound, smell or texture used to market a product or service. In fact, that same study showed that 85% of customers relied on color to make their purchase decision1.

Colors can be used in your website to impact your sales online. Here are a few of the ways some of the most popular colors out there can send a signal to your customers and drive them to want to do business with your brand.

Navy Blue
Navy blue is the color of trust. This color is often used by banks, large department stores, or any business that requires their customers to hand over personal or sensitive information. On a website, having navy blue as your background color or main color can create a strong first impression of being a brand you can trust. Because navy blue is associated so frequently with trust and financial institutions, using blue in your marketing helps you attract budget friendly shoppers, which can help you to convert more people that are shopping on nickels and dimes.

Red, Orange or Yellow
These colors are more exciting and are frequently used by businesses that want to attract impulse buyers. For this reason, you see reds, oranges or bright yellows used quite a bit with fast food restaurants or on clearance racks. Using red, orange or yellow on a website can help drive action and create a subliminal message that you want a person to perform a specific task. Many websites, for example, use red, orange or yellow to drive people to want to buy an item. In short, using these action colors can generate more sales.

Pink or Light Blue
These colors are more often seen for clothing stores and are used to target traditional customers instead of the impulse buyers. Online, the majority of businesses that use these colors are retailers, such as clothing stores, or any business trying to convey a feeling of tranquility. Many businesses that want their customers to feel healthy and happy use light blue or pink to exude natural peace and wellbeing.

Sometimes, using no color can have a bigger impact than using bright and bold colors. Black is traditionally seen in print on newspapers and in magazines, so using it on your website can convey a feeling of authority and stability. This is used by many small businesses looking to make a stronger first impression on their visitors. Using too much black can convey feelings of sadness, so it is important to be wise about the amount of black being used and where it is being used.

If you want to design your website in a way that will help convert visitors into customers, give us a call to schedule an appointment with our web design team. We will work with you to understand your business offering and give you a better idea of the perfect colors for your marketing materials.


1. Source: Directory Journal,, “The Effects of Store Environment on Shopping Behaviors: A Critical Review” by Shun Yin Lam.

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