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Link Building Tips - Infintech Designs May 09, 2014

Link Building Tips for 2014

Much has changed with the latest algorithm updates from Google that has left many internet marketers wondering exactly what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to link building. Here are some tips that should help you to adjust your strategy so that you can maintain your search engine rankings.

Appeal to Influencers’ Egos
Every industry has key influencers and a good link building tactic would be to leverage the traffic that these influencers bring to their own content to improve the traffic to your own site. While this method can be very effective when done probably and bring thousands of visitors to your website that you might have otherwise not received, it can backfire. Make sure that you are working to attempt to create relationships with these influencers so your content and company are not seen as just shameless promotion.

Update Outdated Content
There are thousands of sites with links to outdated content. If you come across pages that have outdated content that has gotten a lot of comments or social media shares in the past, a good iea would be to create an updated version of the content on your own site. Then you can simply leave your link to your new version on the outdated site. This will allow the traffic to flow from the site with the outdated content to your site with the new content.

Answer Questions Online
Online question sites are very popular because people often have trouble finding exactly the information that they need in the search engines. They also may feel too lazy to continue to look for that content that they need. Then they turn to the question sites to get the answers that they need. This is where your content can be of help. By answering questions, you can direct these individuals to the content that they need via a link to your website. While most question sites do not allow you to shameless promote your own website, if you make sure that your site is highly relevant and provides the exact answers to the questions being posed, it is more likely that your links will be maintained on the site.

In 2014, you will need to become more creative with figuring out how to build backlinks to your website. Google has frowned on many SEO techniques that attempt to game the search engines. Buying paid links was one of those techniques that has not worked in ages and it is also highly likely that the next technique to be targeted by Google will be guest posting. Google is aware that guest posting is being used to buy backliniks in some cases.

Therefore, any new link building techniques that you utilize must appear to be as natural as possible. You should also make sure that your link building techniques attempt to build genuine locations so that in the event that your site is reviewed by Google at a later date, you will be able to prove that all of your links are real links and can be backed up by proof upon further inspection.

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