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Website for Personal Branding - Infintech Designs Dec 14, 2016

Making the Most of your Website for Personal Branding

Today’s individual is highly informed, connected and on the move. As a dynamic person, with a dynamic personality, your personal branding should speak volumes. If you are looking to become a force in your industry, you need a strong personal brand. One way to do this is having a website that commands authority. If you want to make the most out of the site, consider hiring a reliable web designer.

Business influencers and icons in other sectors grow more when they have a strong online presence. While some people are so successful, they ‘earn’ their online presence, others have to ‘own’ theirs. An earned presence is when third parties write about you and your achievements, and an owned one is written by you or your representatives.

When building a website for a strong online presence, here are some ways to start:

Register your website

Your personal brand is supposed to last your entire career, and in some cases, it could go on as long as 50 years. Websites are not for corporate brands alone. As an individual, you can manage and run your personal brand separately from your company. It’s as simple as registering a domain name and sharing your passions with your audience.

“Ensure you choose a host that is a right fit for your website and its goals. For a website to be sustainable, the hosting plan must be able to accommodate future growth.”
– Brendan Umbrella Web Hosting

Avoid running your website like a blog

A personal website is not just for random updates like when you encounter your favorite actor or build your son’s first treehouse. It is much more than that; you could interact with your audience both professionally and informally on your website. It could also be used to advertise the latest products, offer valuable insights to a new concept, review items, promote a cause and so on.

You should have an actual content marketing strategy to keep your website updated with fresh content on a regular basis. This way you keep building your audience’s numbers and loyalty.

Use your website to become an authority

Search engines are biased towards web pages that are constantly updated with high quality fresh content. And if your content has the right keywords, they will easily be discovered by search engine crawlers and ranked above other competitors in your industry.

Well-ranked webpages can increase traffic coming to your website. If your content quality is consistent, you could become an authority in your industry niche. Getting links from trustworthy websites also has the potential to increase your website’s trust-flow and valuable leads.

Publish Quality Guest Posts

Take time to write unique guest posts for other influential websites and link them to yours. The websites don’t necessarily have to be Forbes status, but as long as they have a satisfactory readership size, it is enough to draw attention to your website.

Beware of indiscriminately sending links your website or it could register as spam and earn you a Google penalty. The ideal number is one link per piece. Also, ensure your guest posts are exclusive to the website as duplicate posts often hurt SEO rankings.

Finally, if you have a busy schedule, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire a copywriting firm that specializes in web content writing. As long as it retains your tone of voice, outsourcing content is okay. A regularly updated website will always affect its audience positively and rank well on search engines. You can get the best of both worlds at, an internet marketing company based in New Orleans that specializes in both web design and content marketing, as well as paid ads, Google Reviews, and more.

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