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New Orleans Search Engine Marketing Update

Search engine marketing can be a very competitive, yet complicated playing field with more ups and downs than probably any other means of business online. New SEM techniques are emerging at break-neck speed while others are falling apart. It can get stressful to keep up.

So to help you out, here are a couple insider details about the current search marketing scenario:

# 1 : PPC Advances

  • In 2011, there was a lot of hype surrounding the ability to laser target your prospect. Meaning that there was demographic targeting, event targeting and interest targeting. Even people’s personal activity data wasn’t spared
  • Now in 2012, a few statistics have indicated that search is spreading outside search engines and towards the search boxes on content sharing sites and youtube.
  • So pay-per-click advertising will take a steep rise on youtube videos and content networks. Further, PPC will break free from the age old method of google’s headline and text restrictions. Expect more engaging and interactive ads.
  • There’s a possibility that by the end of 2012, there will be some notice of PPC on TV.


Yeah. A lot of television channel majors have introduced internet compatibility and acquired licences to advertise. They will need someone to sponsor them right? So the bold few who like to experiment will likely give internet TV channels a try and roll out PPC campaigns for them.

# 2 : Consumers and Conversions

  • Search engine marketing has rightly and thankfully started focusing on getting visitors to take action, rather than getting truckloads of visitors who do nothing but wander away after 6 seconds of being on the webpage. People have finally realized that no conversions means ending up on the roadside.
  • Landing pages and opt-ins are expected to change shape – just by a bit. Since advertising will be more interactive, the visitor who does get to the website is more likely to be interested in vesting a few more details.
  • So expect opt-ins to ask for interests and preferences as well, apart from the regular email. Then, marketers will go back and re-group the op-tins from different sources based on common preferences to market to.

# 3 : Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends

  • Algorithm revisions at google are expected to rise in number and probability. What I mean is that there’s more than one possible change that may occur varying by location and type of content user’s respond most to. Content quality is going to be the only way to survive.
  • In 2011, more importance started going to “page authority” instead of “page rank”. While this was a shock to the system for many newbie marketers and website owners, it came as a blessing to those having fewer but good quality back links.
  • Result Personalization. Search engines are geared up to change search listings bases on searches frequented by a particular set of IP addresses. Targeting is going to narrow down, so is optimization and off-page presence. SEO professionals will have to focus more on the type of visitors they get most and start to make more room for the same type.
  • Of course this will rely on stats gathered overĀ  a considerable period of time and probably browser cookies as well.
  • Site loading time is going to be a critical on-page factor. Lower your flash content.
  • Tags inside websites are going to get priority while indexing. So scan your tags the first thing in the morning. Also any data about your linking structure or code will be useful along with the sitemap.

# 4 : Social media and Local Businesses SEO

  • There’s an increasing number of businesses trying to pop-up in people’s mobile phones and on Google Maps. So there’s already an increased awareness in the importance of social media in the US, UK and Australia.
  • This means toughening competition among them and they’re likely to look at the interwebz with a keener look for expanding their businesses.
  • Social media Experts are likely to gain out as a result for their consulting knowledge. most businesses trying to get online are on minimal budgets, so free social media traffic is likely to get attacked in the first half of the year.
  • As this competition rises, search engine marketing services that specialize in media buying and are focused on advertising for local businesses on social networking sites stand to gain out.

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