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Personalizing Your Email Marketing - Infintech Designs Apr 07, 2014

Personalizing Your Email Marketing

A recent study done by Experian Marketing Services indicated that personalized emails result in six-fold higher transaction rates. However, did you know that the majority of brands are failing to use personalization within their marketing campaigns?

Name Personalization
Many marketers fail to use personalization because of their concerns that there will be errors in the personalization or that their campaigns really don’t need them. Regarding the errors in the personalization, businesses should be careful to note subtle details like name spelling when collecting customer data so that these meticulous records can be used later for email marketing purposes.

Businesses must begin to employ personalization tokens if they truly want to get more response from their list subscribers. By increasing engagement among existing list members with this style of personalization, the costs of acquiring new list subscribers can be reduced.

Customer Preferences
The remaining results of the Experian Marketing Services study also showed that businesses are failing to cater to customers in their preferences as to how often that particular customer would like to receive emails. By not giving customers the option to select their preferences, marketers are missing out on the opportunity to discover which marketing channels each individual customer prefers.

Customers must be given the opportunity to decide what they like best. If deliverability personalization options are made available then it is very likely that businesses would be able to develop more targeted
content for each customer.

Confirmed Opt-in
List subscribers that have opted-in and confirmed their subscription to a list were more likely to be engaged with the content than single opt-in subscribers. The study did indicate that lists that utilize confirmed opt-in procedures produce less unique clicks which is to be expected since the subscribers are more engaged with the content.

Subject Lines
Personalized subject lines can have a profound effect on an email campaign. A personalized subject line means that the user will be more likely to open the email because he or she believes that the email has been specifically written to him or her. The open rate according to the study increased nearly 26% with a personalized subject line being used.

List Segmentation
List segmentation is an important factor that should accompany personalization. By using both techniques in conjunction with one another, the email reader will feel even more strongly that the content has been created specifically to suit his or her tastes. In fact, this is what the top converting email campaigns utilize.

So why do businesses continue to not take advantage of these personalization benefits? The fact is that businesses still believe in a one-size fits all approach when it comes to email marketing. However, the fact is that people are individuals and pretty much assume that everything on the internet needs to be flexible to their needs.

If flexibility is currently lacking from your business’s email campaign, you can be assured that you are missing out on sales opportunities and reducing the number of unsubscribers on your list if you are not utilizing personalization to achieve flexibility. You should begin implementing more flexibility immediately. However, do not forget to include some split testing as a part of the changes that you make to your campaigns.

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