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What You Should Be Sharing on Facebook - Infintech Designs Apr 11, 2014

What You Should Be Sharing on Facebook

Many people on social media sites are already oversharing and remain oblivious to the fact that their followers simply don’t care. Unfortunately some businesses are responsible for making this grave mistake as well. So what exactly should businesses be sharing on Facebook?

Likes vs. Shares
The first thing to consider when making decisions on the content that should be used in a Facebook campaign is the like versus the share. Businesses don’t only need likes, more importantly, they need shares. In order for the business to gain authority, the Facebook profile must be shared by people everywhere. This can only happen if users are sharing the content that the business posts on Facebook.

Therefore, when preparing your content, you should think about exactly what kind of content would be shared among your Facebook followers. Often this includes video, breaking news and other kinds of content that have the possibility of becoming viral content. Posting content that is irrelevant to your business or industry or is outright boring is not likely to get shared.

Post Quotes Where Appropriate
Facebook users love sound bytes so posting an inspirational or otherwise trending quote is likely to be shared by your Facebook followers. You do not need to do this everyday, however if there is a need for content to fill your Facebook profile every now in then, quotes are appropriate for this purpose. Quotes are especially good ideas for businesses in the self-help, health, fitness or motivational industries.

List Posts
List posts always attract a lot of attention on blogs so posting the links to such posts via Facebook are very likely to get attention. Try putting a humorous twist on such posts or make the list elements so irresistible that the post is highly likely to get shared.

Memes can work great if the image of your business is fun and laid back. They would not be appropriate for the Facebook postings of a company with a stiffer image. Memes are designed to be shared, so if the meme that you post to the account is funny or interesting, you can definitely expect to see a spike in traffic in the sharing of your Facebook profile or in visitors to your Facebook business page.

Thoughts That People Can Identify With
This is an effective technique for having your followers share content with people that are just like them and may have a strong interest in purchasing your products or services once they find out about your business through the sharing of this type of content. Thoughts that people can identify include sayings like “I deserve a new car” and are easy to come up with if you know enough about how your target audience behaves and their lifestyles.

Accompany Posts With Images
Images are worth a thousand words according to the popular saying, but what’s more is that if you use interesting photos that bring to life the text of your Facebook posts, then the content will likely be shared. You should aim for posting photos that are related to your business but are also related to current trends such as the weather or a popular holiday. This way you will create clickbait that people will share immediately.

Do you need help with developing a better approach to using Facebook for marketing? Get in touch with Infintech Designs today and let us create a social media marketing campaign that will bring your business increased recognition online.

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