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Protect Website From Negative SEO - Infintech Designs Mar 18, 2014

Protecting Your Website From Negative SEO

Are you concerned about your website being targeted for a negative SEO campaign? If you are not, then you should be. The truth is that negative SEO is a growing threat to website owners and you should be doing everything that you can to protect your site against it. Thanks to the fact that the competition for online business has become increasingly tight and Google has come down hard on tactics that SEOs can use to get ahead in the search engines quickly, negative SEO is now a booming business.

The unfortunate part is that black hat SEO techniques are having an effect on websites, but fortunately there is a lot that you can do about it once you understand how negative SEO works. The main point is that you simply need to be prepared in order to effectively prevent or deal with the problem.

What is negative SEO?
Negative SEO includes a number of different practices but all of them are designed to damage a website’s rankings in the search engines. Some unethical people have discovered that targeting a website with a negative SEO campaign makes it easy to destroy a website’s rankings or even get the site delisted. This practices can range from simply the unethical to illegal in cases where hacking or targeting a website with malware is involved.

The many ways that a site can be targeted for negative SEO usually consist of using black hat SEO techniques such as copying your content and putting it all over the internet, building spammy links to your sites, linking your site to bad neighborhood sites such as gambling and pharmacy sites, creating fake profiles that will ruin your online reputation and even contacting websites that support your business to try to damage your credibility online.

How can you protect your site against negative SEO campaigns?
The first step to protecting your website against a negative SEO campaign would be to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools are designed to alert you if there is malware attacking your site and keep you up to date on your backlinks. In this way, you will be able to recognize quickly if someone is attacking your website.

Next you need to monitor your backlinks closely. This includes using only your domain email account and not a free email address when you attempt to contact webmasters that are creating links back to your site. In this way if a spammer tries to contact that site to get your backlinks removed, the webmaster will know that your company did not request this because the request is not coming from a legitimate email address on your domain.

Also you will need to make an investment in security for your website. This includes installing security plugins if you are using a content management system like WordPress. A number of companies also offer security monitoring for your website so that you can be alerted immediately if there is an attack on your website. Some of these companies even offer premium services so that you can get assistance with fixing the website if it is attacked by hacking or malware.

If you are currently battling a negative SEO campaign that has affected your website or you are looking to increase your protection against the damage from such a campaign, get in touch with Infintech Designs today. We will set your website up with all of the safeguards necessary to ensure that your site will continue to run smoothly and that you can regain your position in the search engines.

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