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Social Media Content Quality Control - Infintech Designs May 19, 2014

Social Media Content Quality Control

For many companies, trying to determine the return on investment with a social media campaign is dubious at best. However, with the number of tracking tools that are coming on the marketing, this task is becoming easier then ever. In order to ensure that your social media marketing campaign, will have the results that you are looking for, the first step is to gain better quality control over the content that is being posted to the various social media outlets that you use for social media marketing purposes. Here are some simple tips to help you with social media content quality control.

Create a Chain of Command
While it may be tempting to leave your social media campaign up to the lowest ranks of your company because of the low cost, this can spell disaster. Thanks to the viral nature of social media, a single misstep could result in a costly damage control campaign down the line. Therefore, it is important to establish specific people that are responsible for managing your company’s social media accounts. Ensure that this team has people that are dedicated to the day to day tasks of posting, reviewing posts and making sure that the campaign stays on target towards the marketing goals.

Team Training
The next step to ensuring quality control is to make sure that every person in your team that will be involved in social media undergoes training. This is especially important for those individuals that are responsible for reviewing and posting to social media sites so that they are aware of what the standards are. The team training can also help to define the steps for dealing with a social media crisis so that your company is prepared before any problems arise.

Avoid Getting Emotional
If a problem does arise, it is important to respond to posts left by upset customers in a calm and organized manner. By letting emotions get involved, this can often result in unintended consequences that could make the problem worse. Again, all of these issues can be avoided altogether by coming up with a plan to deal with social media crisis issues before they occur.

Make Sure That Everyone Understands the Rules
In addition, to training your social media team, you should also make sure that everyone at your company understands the rules regarding social media. Not only can this help your company to better manage quality on its own social media accounts, it will also ensure that your employees know what it acceptable conduct for using social media in general.

Problems with regard to social media are often caused by employees and managers at the company who are not aware that tactless conduct on social media can easily result in a serious PR crisis for the company as a whole. If the rules are established, then there is less of a likelihood that these problems will occur.

You can start by drawing up a manually for social media that is reviewed during your trainings for your new employees. You can also do periodic trainings with your employees to keep them update on social media policies and to clear up any uncertainties that they may have regarding social media.

The key to maintaining quality control when it comes to social media is diligence and planning. By making sure that you are prepared, you can ensure that your social media campaign runs smoothly.

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