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Why Desktop Websites Are Obsolete - Infintech Designs Sep 01, 2015

Why Desktop Websites Are Obsolete

Does your business still have a desktop website? If you have not yet made the change to the responsive design, it is a good time to reconsider your decision and consult trusted website designers on how to deal with these changes. In a hangout this month, Google webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, went on record to say that desktop websites are no longer needed.

While your business may still get traffic from your desktop website, chances are that you will start to see a significant decrease in the amount of web traffic that you receive. Here are just a few of the many reasons why the desktop website is now obsolete. 

Your Site Will Rank Poorly in Google

Earlier this year, Google made an update to its algorithm that was designed to assign lower rankings to sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. If you are still maintaining a desktop website for your business, your site’s search engine rankings will be lowered as a result of this update.

Speed Is Important

Desktop websites are often padded with outdated technologies like Adobe Flash, huge images and other content that does nothing for the site’s user experience. Instead, these additional items only make the website load more slowly. Website loading times are an important metric that Google uses to determine site rankings. If your website loads slowly due to additions that add little to no value to the user experience, then you are only shooting yourself in the foot by continuing to maintain a desktop website as your main site.

More People Are Using Mobile Devices Than Ever

Every day the amount of traffic that comes from mobile devices is increasing. Building a website that only works well on a desktop computer is a risky proposition if your goal is to get as much traffic as possible. Using responsive design ensures that your website can be browsed from any device and you won’t have to worry about the quality of the user experience.

What Should You Do With Your Desktop Website?

If you are concerned about upgrading your desktop website due to the costs, chances are that upgrading to a new responsive website won’t be as expensive as you think. In fact, in some cases, certain elements of your old website can be used to create a new responsive website. In addition, you will also find that by upgrading your old desktop site, you can also maintain or improve your search engine rankings. Updating your desktop website does not mean that you will lose everything that you worked so hard to create. In fact, you will actually improve upon the foundations that you have already created for your business.

Does your desktop website need an upgrade?  Infintech Designs from New Orleans can help you to build a high-quality responsive website that will provide an excellent user experience for both mobile and desktop users.

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