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Month: April 2013


6 Best Apps for Editing Photos on Your Android Phone

Getting that perfect shot isn’t always easy, especially if you're on your mobile phone. You may blur an area of the photo, capture something that you didn't know was in the background, or be the victim poor lighting conditions. That doesn't mean that your photo can't be beautiful, though. With the help of these apps, you can make an ordinary photo something extraordinary, all on your Android

Mobile Applications

Boost Productivity for Your Team With Easy-to-Use Apps

The great thing about a rapidly changing world is that many of those changes result in better productivity. There are tools that help you stay on top of your life and work. Most of these apps run on the mobile or tablet device you already own. Some people wonder where they should start to be more productive. You will see an improvement with any one of these tools. Pick one and use it. Use as

Online Engagement

Auto Industry Benefits From Online Engagement

Who knew that good customer service means more sales? In a not-so-shocking customer service survey, research shows that car dealerships that respond to Internet leads effectively sell more cars than dealerships that don't. Car dealerships have dramatically improved how they respond to online leads during the past couple of years. Despite this improvement, they're still lacking in the quality of


Color Theory in Web Design

Colors evoke feelings and emotions without saying a word. The colors of a website can influence people to think positively or negatively about you or your product. Color also creates movement to help visitor's eye move through the website. When designing a site, designers should consider the emotion the owner wants to associate with their brand. Use color to your advantage to make sure your site

Fonts in Web Design

Font Choices in Web Design

Font plays an important role in the overall look of a website. It can give the impression that the person behind the site is professional, warm, whimsical, or adventurous if done properly. If done poorly, it can look unprofessional, clumsy, and sloppy. Lack of consistency with regard to typography is a common mistake on many sites. To know which fonts to use in web design, you'll need to learn a

Blog Post Writing

Tips for Writing Blog Posts More Quickly

Writing a blog post doesn't have to take hours. In fact, if you're spending hours on a blog post that's not a pillar or feature post, you're spending too much time on it. By creating good habits, you can increase your writing speed without making any sacrifices on the quality of your posts. Remember, writing, as with anything else, takes practice. If you want to get faster at writing, the first

Content Writing

Creating Content: From One Idea to Multiple Posts

Creating content for a blog doesn't have to be a cumbersome chore. You don't need to have notebooks full of ideas, dozens of bookmarked writing sites or borrow ideas from others. If you can think of just one idea, no matter how simple it seems, you can write multiple posts about it. The key is to approach it from several different angles. By approaching your single idea from different angles,

Social Media Marketing

Building a Community on Social Media

Connecting with others is a vital part of the human experience, even in the digital age. Communities are the facilitators of meaningful relationships both online and in real life. Community building means more than just amassing a large following on Twitter or getting the most likes on Facebook. It means engaging, sharing and conversing with your community's participants. It means being thankful,

Twitter Marketing

8 Things Not to Do on Twitter

There's plenty of advice regarding what to do on Twitter, how to engage your followers and how to build your audience. There's less guidance available about what not to do, but this information is just as valuable. Committing one or more of these "Don'ts" may get you unfollowed quickly. Use the resource wisely, however, and you may just find that it's the most effective tool in your social media

Blog Post Writing

How to Write a Blog Post

'Set up a blog' is one of the usual pieces of advice for marketing a business online. However, writing good blog posts is a skill in and of itself, and if you have not done so before, getting started may be intimidating. Pick a Topic Create a list of things you know about or are interested in. You don't have to be an expert in the topic already, but if you're not, you should be willing to do

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