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Boost Content Traffic With Keywords - Infintech Designs Dec 08, 2015

How to Boost Traffic to Your Content With Keywords

SEO is important for helping your site to rank higher in the search engines. As a result, adding keywords to your content can help to increase the number of visits to your website. A properly optimized page will rank highly in the search engines for specific keywords. Here are some tips on how to optimize your site pages so that you can learn how to boost traffic to your content with keywords.

Meta Data

While the metadata is no longer used for ranking your site, it is a good idea to make sure that optimize the page title, heading tags and meta description for your website. The page title will appear as the clickable link for the page in the search engines. You should make sure that the page title includes a long tail keyword phrase and is an accurate description of the content that the page contains.

For the meta description, focus on including relevant keywords and make sure that you use at least two long-tail keyword phrases, at least one of which is also used in the page title. A meta description should be written as a call-to-action because it will appear under the page title in the search engine results.

Heading Tags

For the heading tags, you should take care to not to over over-optimize as this will be considered as keyword-stuffing. Every page of your site should include at least 1 H1 heading tag. It is also a good idea to include H2 tags as a way to break up the content that appears on the page. The search engines use the heading tags in order to determine what a page is about.


Keywords are also important for labeling the images that you use in your content. Every image should have an alt-text that is used to describe the image. The alt-text can be read by the search engines and you should make sure to insert a keyword phrase as the alt-text for every image that appears on the page. Make sure that the keyword phrase that you select is actually relevant to the image and the content.

Relevant Keywords

In addition to including your target keyword in the content, you should also make sure that your content contains relevant keywords that are related to the target keyword. However, it is very important that you do not allow the addition of keywords to subtract from the content quality. If you want the additional site traffic that you receive from keyword optimization to increase your conversions, you must make sure that your readers are actually receiving value from the content that you create.

SEO is a constantly evolving field and the latest recommended tips for content optimization are always changing. If you want to make sure that you are properly optimizing your web pages in a way that won’t jeopardize your site, later on, it is a good idea to hire an SEO professional for your SEO marketing. An SEO professional will use the best practices that are recommended by Google and the other search engines to rank your website.

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