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Year: 2014


Online Marketing Facts and Fiction

While there are many blogs that cover internet marketing news daily, there are still myths that abound regarding certain aspects of internet marketing. While some of these myths may have once been true, they were made false simply by being replaced by an algorithm update. Other myths revolve around the fact that all internet marketing methods are not necessarily right for every type of

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How to Save Your Brand From Online Marketing Damage

If you own a business, chances are that you receive offers for online marketing services on a regular basis. If you have taken time to read any of these offers they usually promise similar results which are to rank your site for all of the top keywords in your industry. If you have seen these offers before or you have fallen for them, your experience is likely the same of most business owners. If

Email Marketing

Why Customers Ignore Your Email Marketing Emails

Online customers are notorious for ignoring email marketing emails, unless it contains something that they are really, really interested in. Unfortunately, many online marketers either can't figure out what the "it" factor is for email marketing or they simply believe that low response rates are normal. If you are wondering why your customers are ignoring your email marketing emails, here are a

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Top Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Content marketing has evolved rapidly to become a top priority for internet marketers in 2014. This year has seen a major shift away from the focus on SEO as the most important component of online marketing to the rise of content marketing. Almost all B2B firms currently use content marketing and there are several definite trends that are likely to emerge in 2015. Here are the top content


Where to Find Ideas for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Finding powerful ideas for content marketing can be a bit of a challenge. It is not always easy to tell what types of content your audience will truly connect with. If you want to learn how to find the best ideas for your content marketing campaign, following these simple strategies should put you on the right track. Share Company Experiences Sharing company experiences can be a

Google’s New Inbox App

Recently Google released a new email app called Inbox. This app is designed to go further than simply being a way to organize an email inbox. Instead, the new Inbox app will allow users to group emails in a similar way to the way that category tabs are currently being used in Gmail. The Inbox app can also retrieve important information even if the information is not contained in the email. If you

Content marketing

How to Make the Most of Your Content Marketing Budget

If you are currently running a content marketing campaign and you are trying to make the most of your budget, it can be difficult to figure out what to do and what not to do. Many of the tips that abound online regarding content marketing would work great, if your company only had an endless amount of money to spend on content marketing. However, in the real world things simply don't work like


How Google Has Changed SEO

In just a few years SEO has gone from the forefront of the online marketer's mind when it comes to optimization to just a single component of what defines a successful online strategy. As Google and other search engines continue to update their algorithms, the role of SEO in online marketing has evolved rapidly. Just a few years ago, people were widely using tactics to manipulate the results of

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Necessary Features of a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

When it comes to content marketing, not every campaign is a success. However, the reasons for failing can typically be avoided. Here are some necessary features content marketing campaigns must have in order to be successful. Figure Out the Purpose The first step to content marketing success is to figure out exactly what the purpose of the content marketing campaign is. Without a defined


Has Content Replaced SEO?

If you are still putting SEO ahead of your content in order to try to increase your search engine rankings with Google, you might be overlooking a better, more relevant strategy. As the rules for SEO change with every algorithm update from Google, the rules regarding SEO get even more complex. On the other hand, the rules regarding how to write content that Google will love have become


Email Marketing Myths

With internet marketing changes happening on a continuous basis, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. There are a number of ideas about internet marketing that are currently circling around on the web that are just simply unfounded. Here are some explanations to help you separate out the truths from the myths when it comes to email marketing. Mornings Are the Best Time to Send


How to Build a Blog through Email Marketing

If you are trying to figure out how to get more engagement and traffic to your blog, it can be done via email marketing. Here are some email marketing tips that you can utilize to build your blog via email marketing. Send Traffic to an Opt-in Form If you want to increase the number of subscribers for your blog, you need to figure out how to increase the amount of traffic that your blog is

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New Updates on Link Building

If you are wondering what you should be doing to boost your SEO in terms of link building, there are several things that you need to know. Here are the latest updates on link building for fall 2014. Low-quality Guest Posts Will Not Do Low-quality guest posts have been increasingly targeted by Google over the past year. Google knows that this is a strategy for link building that is being

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How to Get Better Success With Local SEO

Local SEO is essential to many small businesses. In some cases, businesses are just not having the success that they deserve with local SEO. Here are some tips that you can utilize to improve your business's local SEO results. Get Focused on Reviews Many small businesses have no idea what is being said about them on review websites. The first key to getting better SEO results is to take


Internet Marketing Trends for Fall 2014

As 2014 has progressed, it appears that a lot of the predictions with regard to online marketing have come to fruition. If you want to ensure that your internet marketing campaign is utilizing the latest strategies, then you should be aware of what these trends are. Here are the major trends that have continued in 2014. Content Marketing Has Continued to Expand With the SEO changes that

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