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Month: May 2014

A/B Split Test

How You Can Increase Your Subscribers With Split Testing

Are you attempting to find the most effective method for increasing your conversion rates? There is absolutely no need to guess on this when you can test and use a proven method. Split testing, which is also known as A/B Testing, can help you increase the return of investment of your sign up pages. Here are a few tips on using the power of split testing. Why Split Testing Matters Split

Landing Page

When to Use Landing Pages on a Website

Landing pages are essential for converting visitors into paying customers. However, it is often more difficult to decide when and where a landing page should be used. Here are three scenarios in which landing pages should definitely be used. Long Term Offers If you are making an offer on your site that is likely to be available for the long term, then you should build a landing page for this

SEO Tips

Tips for On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the first step to obtaining the top spots for the competitive keyword phrases that you would like your website to rank for. Ignoring on-page SEO is a common mistake of online marketers and it is a problem that you can fix as it is completely under your control. Here are few tips that will help you to tighten up your on-page SEO so that your content will outrank that of your


Social Media Content Quality Control

For many companies, trying to determine the return on investment with a social media campaign is dubious at best. However, with the number of tracking tools that are coming on the marketing, this task is becoming easier then ever. In order to ensure that your social media marketing campaign, will have the results that you are looking for, the first step is to gain better quality control over the

Content Optimization

SEO Optimized Content: What Has Changed

In recent years, Google has made a lot of updates to its search algorithms which have in turn meant big changes for website owners in terms of rankings. Many of the changes revolved around Google becoming increasingly particular about the types of content that are considered relevant content worthy of high rankings. Here are a few steps that you should take to ensure that your content strategy

Mobile website launch

Mobile Website Launched: What to Do Next

While most online marketing experts agree that mobile websites are essential to doing business online, many website owners are clueless about what to do next and how to work the newly created site into their existing online marketing strategy. The good news is that you have taken the first step as there are many business owners who have not yet taken the initiative to do this for their online

Link building

Link Building Tips for 2014

Much has changed with the latest algorithm updates from Google that has left many internet marketers wondering exactly what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to link building. Here are some tips that should help you to adjust your strategy so that you can maintain your search engine rankings. Appeal to Influencers’ Egos Every industry has key influencers and a good link building

Typewriter and clipboard with pen

How to Determine Your Most Successful Content

Measuring the success of your content can be done in several ways. However, the first step is to ensure that you are tracking all of the content that you create. Here are tips to help you figure it all out so that you can continue to create the great content that will attract visitors to your website. What actually determines success will depend on your company’s particular goals for your

2 persons together, 1 writing on notebook

Guest Posting: Updates From Google

Google made the official announcement earlier this year that creating guest posts solely for SEO purposes could result in an SEO penalty. So how will Google penalize sites that do use guest posting as a part of their online marketing strategies? Here are some hints as to where Google will go next when it comes to guest posting. Keep All Links on Topic A good way to avoid attention from Google

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